Fletcher Grundmann

  • Managing Director. Fletcher Grundmann brings more than a decade of experience in research, consulting and business intelligence to ProfessionaLink. As Managing Director, he leads a team of client services professionals and analysts to deliver comprehensive assessments of consulting segments to corporate and private equity/LBO clients. He is also a co-founder of PA Advisors, the business intelligence and consulting unit of ProfessionaLink. Previously, he was the head of research and government affairs for HACR where he led research efforts on Hispanic and Latin American markets. He is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals and the Institute for Supply Management.
  • Fletcher has a Master's degree in International Transactions from George Mason University. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Management and Latin American Studies from the University of Maryland, and Latin American Studies and Government at the University of Arizona.

Nelson Woehrle

  • Managing Director. Nelson Woehrle has worked in the Telecom, Financial and Consulting Industries for over 15 years. His primary background has been in business development and marketing. He has worked extensively with Fortune 1000 companies throughout his career to develop long standing relationships in areas such as marketing, strategy and human resources. Nelson created ProfessionaLink's practice area in the LBO and Private Equity sector and has worked with most of the leading firms in this area. As Managing Director, Nelson oversees a team of associates in the marketing and business development arena.
  • Nelson attended Cornell University and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Communications.


Michael Cleary

  • Michael Cleary has over 26 years consulting experience, including as a partner at Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group and Oliver Wyman. Mr. Cleary has deep experience in business strategy issues especially Growth Strategies, M&A Integration, Pricing and Competitive Turnaround Strategies, globally.


Eric Spivey

  • Eric Spivey was the former Chairman and CEO at both Netcom and NetGravity. He is a board member of eVentures, Brightmail, and Ivigo. Mr. Spivey previously had over 10 years' experience as corporate executive with Dun & Bradstreet. He has extensive global experience in forming partnerships, structuring and executing transactions, and in raising capital.