Private Equity

Pricing Strategy for Private Equity Portfolio Company

  • The client, a large private equity firm with a European portfolio company is interested in engaging a pricing strategy consultancy to help them assess product pricing in a competitive market. The firm operates both online and print version directories and the client needs an assessment of product and pricing structure considering the competitive dynamics in the industry enabling it to derive quick actions for improving top line growth for multiple segments of the business into 2005. The client needs guidance and recommendations on pricing structure and price optimization processes in the online packaged products category to help the company achieve a 25 percent growth rate. Assessment of pricing in the print product line will be essential as well, as the client seeks to simplify its pricing structure. Main goal of pricing simplification is to generate to sales and increase/maintain existing sales rates and attract lost customers.

HVAC Market Assessment

  • The Client, a large investment company is interested in engaging a consulting firm to help them potentially acquire a large US manufacturer in the residential/ light commercial HVAC/air conditioner market. The client envisions this project resulting in detailed reports addressing the issues listed above. The consultant should be able to leverage significant existing data in addition to generating customized, subject specific information. The client would also like to understand the total size of the residential and light commercial air conditioning markets and what are their 5 year growth prospects; how is this manufacturer competitively positioned in terms of cost position, distribution network, product offering, etc.

CRO Competitive Assessment

  • The client, a large investment firm, will engage a consulting firm to analyze and assess the Contract Research Organization (CRO) space. Specific issues to be assessed are industry macro trends and looking at growth and pricing issues going forward for this industry. What possible impact will the large pharma firms have in this industries long term prospects. In addition to this information, the company is also interested in company specific perceptions by their customers as compared with their competitors.

Advertising and Marketing Services Market Assessment

  • The client, a large private equity firm, needs a firm to provide an assessment of the advertising and marketing services sector. Significant and current relevant experience will be required to complete this project on the timeline, which is extremely short. Given the short timeframe, a concise written analysis with as much supporting data as is possible of the above based on the consultant’s current knowledge and immediate research, delivered in approximately 1 week, in conjunction with a lengthy meeting (2hrs+) to discuss its contents and other aspects of the industry. Assessment should include secular trends in the business model of advertising and marketing services firms and the implications/outlook for these business models in the future (e.g. switch from commissions to fee-based billing; procurement specialists; rate compression; etc); assessment of the top 10 firms advertising firms, competitive strengths and weaknesses; secular trends in media usage by clients & its implications for advertising firms; and, cyclical outlook for advertising spend, globally

Wind Energy Due Diligence and Competitive Review

  • The client, a private equity fund is seeking assistance evaluating the potential purchase of a European manufacturer of gears, couplings and turbines. Much of the target companies products are components for windmills and are used by Wind Energy companies. Therefore the engagement will ideally address several key issues as they relate to the strategic positioning of the target company. Specifically, issues to be addressed include global trends (for gears, couplings and turbines) including: market size, growth prospects and potential threats; competitive review, both domestic and abroad, ID candidates relative competitive positioning, strengths and weaknesses; industry size and growth (historic and predicted) of end markets served (which in this case is primarily the Wind Energy Industry), including identification of key drivers, key industry trends and drivers.


Global Employee Survey for Industrial Manufacturer

  • The client, a global manufacturer, will initiate an employee survey for its employees worldwide. They seek a firm with a global presence to assist them in creating the survey, administering the survey in various formats (electronically as well as by mail since many employees do not have access to traditional electronic media), as well as quantifying and summarizing the results. The company is focused on gaining an understanding of how employees perceive the company, how they align with the mission statement, how their direct managers as well as executive managers align with the mission statement, how company training is perceived and what aspects of the company would or would not make them the preferred employer in their vertical. The company’s employees are primarily located in North America, South America, Europe and Australia. The ideal candidate would have a presence in these areas as well as the capability to conduct these surveys in a variety of languages depending on the location (i.e. Spanish/Portuguese in South America, German/French/Danish etc in Europe).

Post Merger IT Integration for International Hospitality Company

  • Client’s IT leadership is seeking an alternative type of implementation partner that can effectively serve as an extension of the IT organization to manage and execute enterprise (e.g. property) rollouts and implementation projects, largely associated with post-merger integration. The scope of the integration challenge is broad. It ranges from providing desktop PC support and training to infrastructure changes such as server and network reconfiguration and security, to systems conversion/shutdown/development. The skill set required has to combine the ability to support and interpret strategic decisions such as cost effective rationalization of systems and desktop replacement decisions with the ability to oversee rapid, seamless and reliable execution of the integration itself. The task calls for a national, and to an extent UK footprint.

Sales Support Process for Global Pharma

  • The objective of this project is to create a Sales, Marketing and Managed Markets support infrastructure that is well-linked, aligned and resourced to efficiently and effectively meet organizational objectives. Likely will include: Design and implementation of a participative support process that involves all key constituencies within Sales, Managed Markets, and Marketing. Possible structural changes and creation of key process communication plan that allows all relevant functions to understand how to work with the support functions based on team recommendations. Process map that results in a calendar of activities and decisions that chart our work for 2005.

Global Physical Inventory and Reconciliation for Large Cap Tech

  • Client seeks firm(s) which can perform; on a world-wide basis, a wall-to-wall physical inventory of company's Physical Inventory-able (Piable) assets AND perform the needed reconciliation (data clean-up) on the Time zone (TZ) Fixed Asset Registers (4 world-wide based on TZ assets). 100,000 assets in 50 countries in Americas, EMEA, Asia, and Australia. Requires plan to take the physical inventory so as to least disruptive to the business; conduct the PI with proven, Sun hardware familiar, back ground screened teams; upon completion (or location complete) reconcile the findings with the in country, Fixed Asset register; and Company to provide approved formats to collect data and formats of suggested adjustments to the Fixed Asset Register.

Market Entry for Large P&C Insurer

  • Client intends to hire a consultant to evaluate the opportunity and return on investment (ROI) associated with attempting to penetrate the union and public sector markets for one of its insurance products. In addition, Company may undertake a similar analysis for other insurance products, depending on the outcome of the study. Client requires written report(s) containing findings and recommendations that address the questions outlined by client; vendor presentation at the conclusion of each project phase; underlying data and analysis to support findings in easily-accessible and readable format; detailed implementation plan, in the event that Company agrees to pursue one or more market segments.
We had a deeply ingrained "Old Boy" network in regards to consulting often resulting in a frantic call from a senior executive to provide a PO for a project that had started weeks previously without any regard to the firm's expertise or capabilities. ProfessionaLink allowed our purchasing group to present powerful alternatives to the same familiar firms that had been here for years. As senior executives realized the value of considering specialist firms, we were able to create a much more collaborative relationship with executives and drive improved results from our engagements as well as significant cost savings.
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